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Complete guide to buy an Electric Generator: Types, Power, How and Where to choose the appropriate one.

To choose the electric generator more according to your needs is portable power generators to know the types of generators that exist and their power among many other things. It is for this reason that in this complete guide we will show you which electric generator to choose based on different parameters.

Why should I buy an Portable Electric Generator?

electricity generatorThroughout history, humanity has always been fascinated by things, curious about the elements and resources offered by nature. When electricity was discovered, many elements and devices began to emerge that made our life, something easier and more comfortable to carry. You can see a brief history of how electricity and magnetism arose or , not to go into it, but it serves to remember that this allowed humanity manufacture of devices or equipment that would allow the continued use of energy for use in that we would most like without interruption, and this equipment is called Electric Generator.

This modern society, more and more agitated, does not allow delays, interruptions, stops, etc, everything must continue no matter what happens in our environment. As owners of our personal space and our homes, we require amenities that allow us to satisfy our basic needs of entertainment, food, work, etc. That space must cover a large energy consumption if we talk about a continuous electrical supply in the house.

Recommend Best Portable Generators

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This is the same if we work, if we own a company or employees, we require a high electrical consumption that allows us to work 8 hours according to the norms of some countries, and that this time represents profits, not losses of money.

What types of Electric Generators are there

At first they are differentiated by the type of connection:

  • Fixed Electric Generators or Generating Sets
  • Portable Generators

The first, as the name suggests, are equipment anchored or placed in a certain way so that they do not move or move. For example, for installation in an office or home. These must generate continuous power (Power Prime) or by hours (Stand By). Generally this type of equipment is much larger and with a large electrical capacity.

We can also differentiate them by the type of fuel:

  • Diesel
  • Gasoline fuel

Each one has its advantages and differences that we will deal with later on. Generally when it is a Diesel Generating Group, when it is used for industrial applications and uninterrupted hours it needs Diesel fuel, because the configuration of the engine is set up for devices with a very strong electrical load (for example, motor pumps, industrial drills, etc. ).

Another type of generator independent of fuel can be:

  • Monophase
  • Three phase

This is easy to understand, is to know if the devices I use require a phase or all three phases. In general, the three-phase type are industrial characteristic, and are for industrial equipment, that is, with one of these you will not power a computer or microwave.

The rest of the differences become specific characteristics for each of the equipment, as if it is 2T or 4T if they are soundproofed, if they are open or closed, among other characteristics that will make them more useful to our needs.

Generators & Portable Power

How to choose the Portable Electric Generator according to the power I need.

According to all the above, we only need to ask the following:

  • Fuel: It can be Gasoline or Diesel. Diesel fuel is cheaper, if I only want a small generator, a gasoline will suffice. Those of Diesel are Generators that can work continuous use, for days, months. The Gasoline in general are only to work 4 ~ 6 Hrs.
  • Fixed or Portable: If it is fixed it is because you need continuous service or what is called Prime Power, they are General Generating Groups with a very large KVA Electric Load, such as 17 KVA. Or they can be used in Stand By mode if there are sporadic cuts, you can also feed a large number of devices. Important the fixed ones generally have the switch of transfer to feed the electrical network of the place, without this device it can not connect the Generator directly to the house. If they are portable, they are devices with small charges such as 1000 W, 3500 W, among others. Ideal to carry in your hand, or even a little larger but with wheels and still portable
  • 2T or 4T: 2-stroke generators are noisier but consume less fuel, give more autonomy, are more economical. The 4-stroke ones are quieter but more expensive, however they have a longer lifespan.
    Technology Inverter or AVR: This is a very important feature, since this technology allows a generator to behave in a stable and non-fluctuating way, fluctuations in voltage or voltage can damage your devices.

These are some References with a great brand support for you to buy yours

Styles of portable generators

Light-duty: These low-power units range from 1,000 to 5,500 watts and are easy to move around the workplace to power a paint sprayer or pancake-style compressor. Most light-duty compressors are gasoline.

General use or emergency: With a wattage ranging from 1,200 to 17,500, this type of portable generator is frequently used as backup power in case of emergency. The energy options include LP gas and natural gas. Smaller gas versions are an economical option for contractors who do not often require a power generator in the workplace.

Semiprofessional: A good option for most residential contractors, semiprofessional units are usually gas. More portable than most professional models, these semi-professional electric generators generally have fewer features, and cost less. The vatajes go from 3,500 to 10,000.

Professional: A professional heavy-duty portable power generator is designed to be used on a daily basis. They are usually less portable, although manufacturers are always looking for ways to make things easier to move and more durable; They are also the most expensive. Professional electric generators offer between 2,500 and 15,000 watts and run on gasoline or diesel.44

Tips for buying an electric generator

Only you can determine which is the best electric generator of all. This is because each generator adapts to the specific use you want to give it. Therefore, there is nothing left to mention but some tips to buy an electric generator that may be useful. These tips are:

  1. Do not forget to read all the instructions of the product before you start using it.
  2. Install any electric generator that you get in a place with enough ventilation.
  3. Avoid touching or tampering with the electric generator when it is on.
  4. Try to put a ground connection to every electrical generator you have.
  5. Keep the generator fuel in a safe place and out of danger.
  6. It leaves a minimum margin of 22% on the necessary power that the generator must contemplate.
  7. Do not use the generator at 100% capacity, it only causes it to be damaged faster.

There is nothing left to say except that you choose the best electric generator that meets your needs. Now you have all the information to do it!

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